Thank you for joining us and for making the time to learn more about yourself.

Over this course we're going to use mindfulness and meditation to learn more about ourselves and to focus our mind on accomplishing our goals. The first goal I would like you to set for yourself is the goal of completing this program. This means giving each lesson your best effort and giving it all a try, even if it is something new. Who'd like to set this as their first goal?

I'll share tools and techniques that you can take with you after the program has finished. We're going to learn about how to set and work towards goals in a positive and healthy way.

Please remember that all our experiences are different so there is no need to compare yourself to anyone.

Learning Intention:

In this lesson children increase their sense of self through connection with others. Through reflection they identify what brings them happiness. Together children celebrate their successes by creating a gratitude heart collage. They practice a guided visualization that builds confidence and self-worth. This lesson focuses on Creative Art.

Social and Emotional Development:

Children strengthen their sense of self, self-worth and confidence. They connect with their peers by identifying what brings them joy and by celebrating their successes. Children reflect on their successes through the practice of gratitude.

Flourishing Purpose: Purpose

According to Eric Eriksons theory of psychological stages school-aged children shape their sense of self through their ability to complete tasks. Their self-worth grows through recognition of their competence from teachers, parents and peers.  

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